Successors face an important challenge, and how easily, efficiently, and effectively they overcome it depends mostly on the support they receive from their predecessors through an adequate succession planning, which should answer questions such as the following, among other relevant aspects:
• What will be the role of each of the successors?
• Are they ready to take on that role?
• How are they going to prepare?
• How are they going to assume it?

It is also important to note that implementing the succession plan requires not only preparation of the successor(s), but also of the company, the family, and the predecessor.

Preparation helps the company in the evolution and change of structures and responsibilities, the family in the development of a business-like behavior committed to the company, and the predecessor in a smooth transfer of power and direction to the successors.

We help our clients define the path that will allow their successors to have a greater possibility of success in the long term, by planning and executing a series of strategies and processes that would strengthen their union as a family and let them to assume this important challenge responsibly.